Forklift Toyota Traigo 48 - 1800kg - 4W

Designed with a high level of safety and operator comfort in mind. Our 4-wheel Traigo 48 forklifts come standard with the Toyota SAS system, which provides all the ingredients for safety and error prevention in daily forklift operation.





    Family name

    Lifting capacity

    1800 kg

    Lifting height





    The 3-wheel Toyota Traigo 48 models offer lift capacities from 1,500 to 2,000 kg and excellent manoeuvrability to facilitate navigation in tight spaces. With an even shorter turning radius, the 8FBEKT16 and 8FBEKT18 forklift models are more compact in design.

    With unique Toyota SAS features, our 3-wheel forklift models are designed to increase productivity while protecting the operator. With the optionally available sideways battery changing system and a high level of operator comfort, these trucks offer even greater ease of use.