Prince Tiger XXL-E 1.0

Prins Tiger forklifts are suitable for driving on unpaved roads. The forklifts are mainly designed for use in horticulture, fruit and agricultural industries, although they are also suitable for many other external operations. The small turning radius makes the truck extremely manoeuvrable and productive, saving a lot of time. The Prins Tiger XL-E and XXL-E are available as electric trucks in 1 tonne capacity. Prins Tiger forklifts are based on the international and well-known Cesab / Toyota forklift models and can be supplied with tyres in various sizes and profiles.




    Lifting capacity

    1000 kg

    Weight excl. standard battery

    1665 kg

    Weight of standard battery

    approx. 875 kg

    Weight excl. Li-ion battery

    1785 kg

    Li-ion battery weight

    approx. 440 kg

    Load centre of gravity

    500 mm

    Mast tilt front/rear


    Type of fork carriage

    FEM 2b





    Make/type of engine


    Engine model


    Engine power

    6 kW


    18 km/h

    Tyres front - Tractor profile

    295-50 x 15

    Tyres front - Lawn tread

    27 x 12-15

    Tyres rear

    24-13 x 12

    Tyres for

    4 (double)

    Size A

    3200 mm

    Size B

    2600 mm

    Size C

    450 mm

    Size D

    1750 mm

    Size E

    2500 mm

    Size F

    750 mm

    Size G

    380 mm

    Size H

    240 mm

    Size I

    1200 mm

    Size J

    2240 mm

    Size K

    2020 mm

    Size L

    2400 mm



    Model Tiger XL-E Tiger XXL-E
    Type 1.0 1.0
     Lifting capacity (kg) 1000
     Weight excl. standard battery (kg) 1665
     Weight standard battery (kg) c. 875 - ??
     Weight excl. Li-ion battery (kg) 1785
     Li-ion battery weight (kg) ca. 440 - ??
     Load centre of gravity (mm) 500
     Mast tilt front/rear 8°/9°
     Type of fork carriage FEM 2b
     Transmission automatic
     Fuel electro
     Engine Cesab
     Engine model S2
     Power (kW) 6
     Speed (km/h) 18
     Tyres for - Lawn profile A 295-50×15
     Tyres for - Lawn profile B 27×12-15
     Tyres behind 24-13×12
     # Tyres for 2 (single) / 4 (double) 4 (double)
     Size A (mm) 3200
     Size B (mm) 2600
     Size C (mm) 450
     Size D (mm) 1750
     Size E (mm) 2500
     Size F (mm) 750
     Size G (mm) 380
     Size H (mm) 240
     Size I (mm) 1200
     Size J (mm) 2240
     Size K (mm) 1340 / 2020 2020
     Size L (mm) 2400